Facebook Live Challenge – Day 19 – Training, On Training

Tonight my video is on training. This is not just on training, but how to conduct and produce a quality teaching session. There are two fundamental keys to start with. Number one – train on things you are good at, if you are not at least good (or have expertise), then find (or hire) someone to participate and train. The second thing, is, make sure you have a plan or a road map.

After that, there are really three key elements. If you do this with every training session, you will have great quality content and retention. 
1. Tell them what you plan to tell them (train on)
2. Tell them (what content you have)
3. Tell them what you told them (recap)
** Bonus – Get them to tell you what you told them! This way it really shows what was learned (not just what you tried to teach)!
If you use these steps this will help you plan some excellent quality training sessions!