To find ONE WORD is likely to be the toughest, easy thing I’ve done.

I have been reading or listening to rather (on Audible) Evan Carmichael’s book “Your One Word” and it is awesome! Evan is clear on his one-word #BELIEVE.

Let me start off by saying that if you haven’t heard of Evan Carmichael, you need to. He is an inspiring, hard-working, genuine, high work-ethic YouTuber that posts like 3 and 4 times daily. I came across a few of Evan’s videos a year or so ago. They are always so well done, put together just right, and motivate and inspire people. He helps entrepreneurs, and people in general to grow, and be more than they are right now. You can tune into Evan’s YouTube channel right HERE.

So in listening to his book, and I enjoy the Audible version because Evan narrates it. He comes across as enthusiastic, and genuinely caring about the content he is sharing and who he is sharing it with. He starts off by being relatable to the reader/listener and sharing some of his life experiences in business. It’s an easy read or listen, and it’s well done. Throughout the book, Evan shares memorable and meaningful quotes that uplift, similar to the way he puts together his Top 10 video series. He shares success stories of other businesses and entrepreneurs that have succeeded in finding themselves through the one-word philosophy.

The highlight so far – CHAPTER 3!

This is the part of the book where Evan starts YOUR journey. The quest for you to find your one word. He gives some tangible activities to find your word. You actually have to take action and DO STUFF! I have listened to this chapter twice in my car and haven’t sat down to act them out yet… but I will. Soon. I want to complete the entire book. And then I will listen to chapter 3 again… because after all, the third time is the charm! I am through Chapter 4 now and he is really building up steam, and sharing with me how to start a one-person movement around your one word. I’m so fired up right now… that is why I am writing this post, a partial review before I am even done yet!

I don’t have my one word yet, I have a bunch of one words, but I am confident that this book will help me to narrow it down and find it.

In short, my opinion so far… The book is excellent. Evan Carmichael is truly a gifted individual in so many areas. You should go now and buy the book or download it, whatever your method (START HERE); and no, this isn’t a paid endorsement (though if Evan Carmichael reads this… I’m not opposed to that!) This is truly one of the easiest flowing and well-written books I have enjoyed in some time!

Whether you are someone that is wanting to brand yourself, a business person that needs to be re-inspired, or an entrepreneur starting off, this book is for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post and, I’ll keep you posted on how the next 4 chapters turn out! (Video review to follow in the coming weeks.)