Facebook Live Challenge – Day 20 – The Champion’s Mindset

  1. Determination– firmness of purpose.
  2. Endurance/Persistence– It is keeping going… until.
  3. Dedication– complete devotion to a task at hand.
  4. Vision– you have to see where you are headed.
  5. Goals– simple.  Champions have clearly defined goals.
  6. Preparation– Plan your work; work your plan!
  7. Adaptability– the overall ability to move and change.
  8. Focus/Alertness– your thoughts lead to your actions.
  9. Timing/Punctuality– be on time.
  10. Confidence– this is the gained through knowledge and the other traits on this list.
  11. Honesty/Integrity– produced by balance in all areas of your life.

So there it is, be a champion, be a success, chase your dreams!  The number eleven, to me, even looks like goal posts – let’s kick this year far, straight and fast through the goal posts!