When adults are trying to tackle a task or chasing a goal,  most people will make the attempt, once, twice, maybe three times… then quit. There is no more try, left in them. So whatever it is that they were trying to do just stops. Meanwhile, success takes consistency, it takes resilience and tenacity. Consistency is accuracy,  and doing many of the same (maybe mundane) things over and over again to achieve your desired result. And resilience… is one capacity to recover from tough situations, from your failures. The tenacity part, is simply, your ability to keep going, and going, and going… UNTIL, you get to where you are headed.

The  most consistent and resilient people in our world are OUR KIDS. WHY? They have to be. And… WE make them that way! Their parents are there to provide continual guidance which grooms consistency. Kids are resilient because their parents are there, ultimately, to not let anything “bad” happen to them, when they are chasing their goal. Tenacity, for a child, are you kidding me right now, they just are… they are balls of action and energy.

Think about it, learning to ride a bike… it takes some time, it takes consistent practice and learning, and it certainly takes resilience, and probably some picking up off the concrete, getting dusted off, and trying… yet again. How long did your parents give you to learn to ride a bike? AHA! You NEVER give up, you tried… UNTIL… you learned the skill. So consider for a moment, what would your day, week, or year (2017) be like if you approached every task with that youthful, consistent, resilient, TRY UNTIL YOU GET IT mentality? My bet is you blow blow the doors off of the goals you have laid out for yourself!

Let me tell you why I’m writing this today, partly because my daughter, Emersyn, is an up and coming gymnast! She has been practicing to accomplish her running kip on the bar! Finally (after about 8 months) of being “close” – SHE GETS IT! (January 17, 2017). The crowd goes wild!!! This is one of those things that shows, over time, hard works does pay off, no matter what your age, the key is consistency and resilience. You can see in the video one of highlights is her coach (Heather) in the low right corner of the screen celebrating!!! Oh and the cheers came from many of the parents in the gallery, not just my wife! Why? Because when you try until… others are watching, they are waiting, and ultimately, when you hit that goal – they want to be a part of your celebration!

We are still at the beginning of the year. Try hard, keep going, DO IT… whatever “IT” is UNTIL, you achieve your task!